Idle Tech Thoughts is a technology blog with ramblings from the latest trends to indepth analysis on the key drivers in present day technology. Every post is categorized by the days of the week, each day signifying a theme for the post.

Manic Monday – Mondays, as always, are times for being frenzy. The posts on this day can be varied, from thoughts or insights to just the latest tidbits from the technology world

Tuesday’s Take – Here we talk about the authors’ take on different realms of technology and what they think the world is moving towards.

Wednesday Walkthrough – Every Wednesday, we talk about a specific topic in technology going indepth on how to make it work.

Thursday’s Tidbits – Time for the random ramblings

Thank Geek its Friday – As the weekend mode sets in, we talk about the more refreshing topics in technology, dealing with the enhancements it can bring to daily lives. Occasionally we also throw in the “Think Geek item of the week”, drawing in the gadget of interest from Think Geek

Startup Saturday – Here we focus on a specific technology startup, talking about what they do, how they do it and why they can be of relevance in future.

Apple Sunda(y)e – Its all about Apple, just because the author is an Apple fanatic.


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