A garage for startups – A tidy one at that

Continuing on with the startups, here is yet another venture, known as the Startup Garage which provides guidance in a more informal way. While they do not help you get a sponsorship like the 500 Startups, what they do offer is an open forum for a rendezvous with likeminded people who have ideas that can potentially turn into a Google or a Facebook someday.

Started by a group of Indians, the first of such meets happened in Mumbai on 18th and 19th of June 2011. If calling it a success is a bit too soon, I will say I am really impressed to read about the myriad of ideas that came out of it – from social sedia to corporate tools and even education and entrance tests. I liked the way the mentors wrote about ideas being a business and not just a product. It really gives you a different perspective. You can read more about the Garage at Mumbai at their website. As the sequels continue in two more cities – Bangalore, India (on 25th and 26th June 2011) and Pune, India (on 2nd and 3rd July), I’m sure there will be a bucket full of ideas and a truck load of entrepreneurs born, of which atleast some of them can aim for the sky and still fall on cloud number 9.

For a mere $60 for a weekend long event, you couldn’t have wished for an easier way to refuel your ambitions.


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