Touch Screen walls

It’s not often that I’ve seen myself “WOWed” by a product or technology. I must admit, the last time it happened was while watching the launch of iPhone! But UBI Interactive has truly blown me away with what I just saw.

Completely unbiased by the fact that the founder and CEO of this startup was a classmate of mine back in college, the product and its potential is quite commendable. With a Microsoft Kinect and a “household” projector attached to a laptop running the ubi application, this can perhaps change the world in a lot of different ways!

Take a look at this video on what it can turn out to be …

übi interactive | Interactive Information Display enabled by übi [26.01.2012] from ubi interactive on Vimeo.

And it truly works, quite unlike its “conceptual” predecessors! Here is an actual demo!

This product has brought out the true essence of “Surface”!


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