Mountain Lions, Face books and time travel

Take 1:

Installed Mountain Lion on my iMac today. For long, my iMac had been running terribly slow, perhaps due to the lack of a proper reboot, which I carefully tend to avoid except during a software upgrade. And today finally, when it almost decided to give up on me, I finagled the courage to install a new OS.

First impression – It should be rechristened as iOS for Mac and no more as Mac OS X. The similarities are amazingly obvious.

Some of the more positive features:
The easiness of iCloud.
The launchpad search – Does that ring a bell (?)
Integration of all your Macs registered under the same username – synching up apps across multiple macs have become amazingly easy. Yet another feature borrowed from iOS.
Notification – Although I’m yet to figure out how much I would use this on a laptop or a desktop, as much as my other mobile devices.

Not sure how my VMWare fusion would work. I had a trial version and I’m downloading the full version now. An upgrade to Lion actually broke it the first time.

Take 2:

Rubbing salt to Facebook misery, a start-up says 80% of Facebook ads are from bots. As the pressure to increase/report revenues seem to catch up with Facebook, the acts such as charging for clicks have reflected badly.

Take 3:

What would you change in technology, if you could go back in Time? Gizmodo had an interesting discussion that started today. Im waiting to see how far it would go. Im sure there will be a few good reads by the end of the day.

Offbeat:As manic as Mondays have always been, surprisingly the traffic turned out to be less frenzy than usual, while driving to office.


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