Era of the solar panels, Surface and Angry Birds

Take 1:

I was particularly impressed back when thinkgeek listed a Solar Charger for all mobile devices (except of course the laptops). And I thought to myself, there is so much real estate in any mobile device that perhaps one day someone would think about replacing it with renewable sources of energy. Needless to say, I was overjoyed to see this article from Engadget on smart panel research done by Apple and Microsoft and the subsequent patent filed. Section 0031 under this patent talks about auxilliary sources of power using solar panels laid across the cover attachments.

Offbeat: It might just be worth taking a look at this ground breaking datacenter that Apple is setting up at North Carolina. Solar farm as Wired calls it, the solar grid is breathtakingly impressive.

Take 2:

The news of the patent took me to a territory which I typically tend to avoid – The Microsoft Surface! I had been slightly skeptical since the concept was first put out to public back in 2007 . But 4 years later, I must admit the tablet version that has evolved from an overhyped kiosk is actually not-so-bad! The zune-like backstand with an Apple like cover did initially put me off. However the fact that they have a keyboard and trackpad on the cover and have packaged it along with the tablet as such, rather than as an add-on accessory is actually ingenious! Kudos to Microsoft. Finally I do see a good enough competitor to iPads. Android based tablets never attracted me as much as this.

Take 3:

Gone are the days of G.I.JOE Toys ! Angry brids have taken over! Wall Street Journal reports on how plush toys are being rescued by angry birds . There was a time when video games were influenced by toys and comic books. The trend seems to have take a 360 degree turn!


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